Main Stain

Is it arrogant to call myself the 'Main Stain'? Perhaps, but if you are already a stain then you know we are all equally valuable in our own ways. None are greater than any others. But, this is my blog and I am master of my domain. So, yeah.

Anyway, if you haven't yet caught on this is basically an 'About The Author' page bio thing.

What is it about me I think you need to know?
  •  Currently I am twenty-three years of age.
  •  I live in what is considered the mid-west although when I think of the mid-west I don't think of compact cars lining suburban streets in a sprawling city, but labels are necessary I suppose.
  •  I'm a human male.
  •  I'm a writer.
  •  I don't identify with any major religions because I can make up my own explanations for the unexplainable.
  •  I eat meat, I smoke, and I drink adult beverages.
  •  Not interested in politics.
  •  I've never held down a job for more than four months.
  •  I'm a night owl. Honestly, I think I was born on the wrong side of the planet. Or maybe I just drink too much caffeine. Your call on that one.
  •  Finally, uh, well, I guess I'll leave this one open for suggestions. If you want to know something just ask.

Okay, I'll leave the comments open for this for a while if there's anything you want to contribute.

This is just sort of a test or trial sort of thing until I can fix up a proper bio deal. I don't know.

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