Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm drunk!

So, enough about all the silly bullshit. I think you get the idea and I hope you understand the message I'm trying to get to you without going too much into detail. At least the wise ones understand.
It's Monday now and soon enough all this shit will go away to be replaced by legitimate posts and somewhat significant content, at least I hope.
Writing isn't the most easily produced material, I put it somewhere between food and statues. But, you should see something worthwhile here soon. If not then just be patient or fuck off depending on your personality.
Well, I am drunk and I think none of this makes too much sense and in a couple of minutes it won't make any so I better sign off now. Thanks for everything and good morning, or good afternoon, or have a real decent night. Peace

And be sure to leave a comment or I won't know what to do with you. It's easy to get caught up in this topsy-turvy world you know. But please be a little bit subtle and believe I know more than nothing. Thanks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Praise, despair, and technical questions.

You guys rock, but I am afraid I'm not making anything right now and I won't be for a couple weeks, but not to worry. I'll still be here supporting you when you need me. Patience is a virtue indeed.

Okay, does anybody know how to make standalone pages I can create or link to in that little toolbar up there? I have it and it only links back to the homepage which is pointless, but I was hoping there was maybe a way to create pages for different kinds of writing or genres or something. If not, it's cool, but that would be nice.

Anyway, I hope my blog isn't hurting your eyes. I'll update later with more garbage.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Okay, bare with me for a moment.

In the hopes that you actually read this, I'd like to inform you that this isn't going to work for a bit. Public service announcements suck. If you do follow me and keep coming back then everything will be groovy, but I get the feeling that this is a passing fad and soon everything will fall by the wayside before anyone makes an impact.
That said, those who do stick around might actually become good bloggers like i hope to be. So, good for those of you who stick with it. All you other lazy bastards can fuck off.

Anyway, this is another one for the trash pile when things get rolling. Day one stuff is never great by any means. So, well, shit for the next little while. I'm sure you don't really care.

Oh and do leave comments if you want me to return the favor. It's difficult to know who I've missed.

The great mystery revealed!

You may be wondering what exactly I was talking about with all that journey and discovery nonsense in the previous post and you'd be right to wonder. I was talking about nothing in particular and that post along with this one will probably be deleted in a few days. This is just filler really until I get everything situated.

The mission I've set out to complete here is one of creative outlet. This is the first step in a seven year plan and I'm just getting my feet wet. Cutting my teeth if you will. I'm going to produce original creative writings and random nonsense or what have you. Stories and anecdotes, lies and slander, plus incredibly boring details about my personal life that you will just have to sink your teeth into.

Whatever. I'll work on it and it will get better. Until then, well, this will have to do.

Decent Stains

Testing, testing...1 2 3. Hello, world? I suppose this is the launchpad as it were. The push-off from shore beginning the journey to an unknown land. The first step into the abyss. What great distances we shall cross together we cannot know so early in the trip, but I'm sure we'll cover a good amount of ground. Still, we should not tarry here. There is much to discover and uncover before us and now this land is old and used. Let's go if we're going.