Saturday, August 28, 2010

The great mystery revealed!

You may be wondering what exactly I was talking about with all that journey and discovery nonsense in the previous post and you'd be right to wonder. I was talking about nothing in particular and that post along with this one will probably be deleted in a few days. This is just filler really until I get everything situated.

The mission I've set out to complete here is one of creative outlet. This is the first step in a seven year plan and I'm just getting my feet wet. Cutting my teeth if you will. I'm going to produce original creative writings and random nonsense or what have you. Stories and anecdotes, lies and slander, plus incredibly boring details about my personal life that you will just have to sink your teeth into.

Whatever. I'll work on it and it will get better. Until then, well, this will have to do.


  1. Cool blog bro. Just followed and checked everything out. Hopefully you can do the same for my blog.


    come visit and take a look around ;)


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