Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm sick...

So, yeah, being sick is a big old pile of suck. I don't know. I'll get over it. Anyway, since I'm in a bad way and I don't think anything creative is gonna rise up through it and get words together without a migraine infused embolism in my brain, I figured I'd just post links to the things distracting me from actually making this website about anything in particular.
Here go: - seriously, all the time. - for all my musical needs. I used to use and pandora and all that shit, but groove shark seems to have fewer limitations and it's free so I love it. The link is to a playlist I created that absolutely rules. Give it a listen.
All of your blogs take up too much of my time. -a wonderful site for all your short writer quote needs.
And I play bejeweled on my phone too much.

 So there it is, most of the reasons I don't actually get down to writing anything. It sucks and being sick is just another excuse. /self-pity party
No promises, but I'm sure I'll get a story down here sometime soon. My god, what's the fucking point of this thing otherwise.

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  1. Fuck being sick, I just got over the mother of all chest colds.


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