Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's all coming together...

I've added a page to the blog. It's a top-ten/bio/work in progress page. It's very exciting to learn new things just by stumbling on them and watching your work actually start to form into something nearly presentable. Just a couple of days and look how far we've come. Neato.

Of course, most of this is just temporary. I'm very suddenly getting to know all the little things about blogging(welcome to 1998, dumbass) and most of it is pretty slick and incredibly easy. I think I'm well on my way to settling the foundations for step one in my seven year plan to not be a complete fuck-up by age thirty. We'll see how that goes.

Now, to the meat and potatoes portion or why I'm even doing this at all, I have about fourteen or so short stories in the works. All of them at once starting back from a few years ago up to a few days ago. Ideas just swelling up to bursting. All kind of piling up so I better get them out here soon before they start rotting. I mean, I should've had at least one finished before I started this thing, but opportunity knocked and I may have leapt before I looked so I guess we're stuck with pseudo-updates until I work something out so to speak.

Okay, keep coming back and I'll keep wasting your time.


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